You get one life.  One chance to get it right.   Average life expectancy in the United States is now at 78.8 years.  That’s an all time high.  Mortality from heart disease, cancer and stroke are at an all time low.  Exercising, eating right and stress reduction are bringing those numbers down.  It’s a fact, that stretching and strengthening key muscles, help prevent arthritis. Slumping shoulders and hunched backs are easily prevented, by training your rotator cuff muscles and scapular retractors.  Elevating your heart for longer periods of time burns body fat, increases blood flow to the heart, innervates new skin cells and sends more oxygen to the brain.  Low back pain is easily fixed by strengthening abdominal muscles, spinal erectors and stretching the lumbo-pelvic muscles.  Not only are people living longer, they’re also performing at higher levels, longer.  The best medicine is a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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I train people’s bodies, so that they can better pursue their passions.  Life should be a celebration, not a series of dull repetitive acts. Risk.  Challenge.  Love. Compete.  Explore.  Eat and drink great food. Laugh.  Travel.  Cry.  You get one life.  One chance to get it right.  Train your body for it.