The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts.  Corporate Wellness begins from this idea and recognizes that the individuals, who comprise a workforce, will produce higher quality of work, at a higher volume, for a longer period of time, if they are optimized physically, spiritually and mentally.  This creates a greater work product.  Whatever the structure of an organization, the individuals who comprise it are a team, united for a single purpose.  Everybody’s role is critical to the final product, so everybody’s well-being is relevant.  Poor rest, nutrition, fitness and high stress, all lead to lower energy, more frequent and prolonged illnesses, depression, injury, diminished focus, resentment and absenteeism and the biggest productivity killer, presenteeism.


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Presenteeism Is On The Rise.  Presenteeism, which is being at work, while being unfit fit to work, is a far greater and costlier problem than people realize.  The American Productivity Audit, which conducts yearlong surveys of American companies, estimated the cost of presenteeism, at approximately $150 billion, far greater than the cost of absenteeism and disability.  Absenteeism due to illness is a direct medical cost paid by insurance.  But with presenteeism, you’re paying your workforce not to produce.  If your workforce turnover rate is really high, a lot more of your budget is going to training new personnel, human resource costs and health insurance.

An Optimized Workforce Sells More Business.  An optimized workforce also immediately creates a more winning culture that clients want to be a part of.  Great environment, equals great morale, which equals a great work product.  This will set your organization apart from all the others.  Innovation and forward thinking will always keep you ahead of the pack.  Presenting to your clients, your commitment to your own workforce, presents to them a higher standard of achievement and competitiveness and lets them know you operate outside of the mold.  When you commit to the wellness of your workforce, you’re making them truer partners in the outcome.  This will lead to a greater commitment from your employees to your organization.

A True Team.  Individuals who strive together, struggle together, fail together, eventually overcome together and succeed together.  Guaranteed.  This process forges bonds and lifelong relationships.  Maximize your company’s potential, by investing in their health and wellness.  Have faith that it will work.   Then everybody wins…which is my favorite ending to every story.  Hopefully, it’s yours too.