We offer multiple programs and services, which are all customizable to meet the specific needs of your group.  These programs are designed to be fun, challenging, educational and stimulating.  They break up monotonous work cycles with innovation and innervation.  These programs bring team members out of their work spaces and into a challenge spaces, where they work together, support each other, and problem solve together.  This builds and improves teamwork, goal achievement and morale.  These programs help redefine the workplace.  Below are just a few of the programs and services we offer, that you can implement a few times a year, or run constantly.

“Biggest Loser Contest” – is a 7 week weight loss program, in the form of a contest, that creates friendly competition, incentivizes teamwork, rewards strategy and motivation and makes winners into examples of leadership.  Points are gained by adopting positive weight loss behavior.  This is verified and shared on social media platforms.

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Winners Of The Biggest Loser Contest

Wellness Winners Contest” – is a 7 week wellness program, similar to the Biggest Loser Contest, but this module emphasized improvements in wellness behavior, including, but not limited to weight loss behavior.  After assessments are done, needs are established and targets are designated.  Points are scored by improvements in things like posture, aerobic fitness, exercise frequency, eating healthier and making stretching and meditation part of your lifestyle.

Stretch to De-Stress Module” – is 6 week program, meets once a week, to give fascial stretch therapy to employees, who need it the most.  For staffs with high stress, low energy and poor posture, spend 6 weeks dedicated to clocking out, quieting your brain and stretching out.   Spend an hour deep breathing, reducing tension, improving your posture, range of motion and circulation.  Reduce back, shoulder and neck pain.  Learn how stretch yourself, at your desk, in your car during traffic and at home.  Clear your mind, reset your thoughts and return to work, refreshed, reinvigorated and at peace.

6 Week Lecture Series” – is a 6 week program with lectures once a week that cover issues that affect your staff the most – optimizing nutrition, preventing and healing back pain, postural improvement,  diminishing hormones with age, illness prevention, healthy ways to improve your energy and overall wellness.

Fitness Is Fun Module” – Remember when you were a kid and you never had to work out, because you played all day?  What happened to that kid?  Exercise is always better when it’s fun.  It’s the best when you don’t even know you’re doing it.  Healthy and friendly competition creates teamwork, unity, boosts morale, gets you in shape and is FUN!!!  This 6 week module includes, but isn’t limited to softball, football, basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, obstacle courses, that pit participants against another.  The result is a fun way to exercise that takes your mind off the exercise part.


Weekend Warrior Module” – This 6 week module meets once a week, on the weekends, where new, fun and interesting exercise events are designed just for you.  Events could range from coastal bike rides, to challenging hikes, trail runs, stair climbing sessions, light treks through some of LA’s most interesting neighborhoods, or group exercise sessions in a park or a gym.

If your group doesn’t have a dedicated space for exercise, you can use mine.  All modules requiring exercise, will have access to my private gym, conveniently located on the west side of Los Angeles.  No matter the time of day, my gym includes secured indoor parking, comfortable locker rooms and showers.   Because it’s a private gym, you never need to go through the hassles of a crowded health club.

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