Health Screening:  You begin by filling out a health questionnaire that details your health history and gives the practitioner (me), an idea of your hereditary risk factors, any medications you take, chronic conditions you might have, lifestyle habits – including alcohol, smoking, caffeine intake, rest, diet.  This is where we first begin to get a map of your priorities.

Posture and Structural Alignment Analysis:

Scapular rotation tests help determine the range of motion of your shoulders, as well as the spatial alignment of your lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine.  If you can’t stand straight, how do you expect to sit straight, walk straight or run straight?  How will you be able to properly support loads for extended periods of loads?  Optimal posture and structural alignment as a beginning goal, prevents tissue and joint injuries.  If your routine is leading to injuries or not rehabilitating them, you’re not exercising properly.

Body Composition Analysis:

Skyndex body fat calipers, circumferential measurements and a well-calibrated scale, continue to be the best combined way of gauging a person’s muscle to fat ratio.  It’s not required, but very helpful in charting the effectiveness of an exercise program.  Nobody ever has to know, or feel free to post your results on the social media platform of your choice!

Goal Setting:

Once we know who YOU are, we can determine where you’d ideally like to go.  If we need to lose fat, then we need to address your diet and develop your bodies’ fat burning equipment.  If you need to develop muscle, we need to teach you the techniques of strength training as well as proper nutrition for adding muscle to your body.  Any contrary behaviors get addressed too.  Discovering what motivates you is critical too.  Athletic goals like triathlons, races, hiking expeditions, etc., can be a fun way to motivate.  Where you train is important too.  Some excel outdoors, some excel at home, some excel at gyms.  It all depends on you.


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