Group Fitness


With a good teacher, the advantages of group fitness are many.  Belonging to a community, whose sole purpose for existing is to be the best version of themselves, is a lot of positive energy to be around.  If you are depressed or discouraged, being part of such a group can elevate you and reset your mood.  Seeing others reaching as deeply down as they can, to give their best effort, is inspiring and infectious.  The bonds formed by sweating, struggling and succeeding together, can lead to lifelong friendships.


Working out individually, can easily become monotonous at some point and stop your routine from evolving.  When this happens, your body ceases being challenged by your routine, so the benefits cease as well.  Your body’s needs also change over time and if you don’t address them, injuries typically increase, posture declines, energy diminishes and you start to lose interest.

Group fitness also tends to be cheaper than individual instruction, which allows you to do it more.  A good instructor knows the newest, safest, most effective exercises to stimulate your body and mind, keeping it fresh, challenging and fun.  Exercise groups can even remain in communication through social media and smartphones, to help keep motivation and focus high throughout the day.


Group exercise tends to be very flexible in its approach too.  Not only can it take place in gyms, it can take place outdoors, in parks, on beaches, etcetera.  Groups can take food shopping trips to learn about nutrition.  They can also meet for happy hour, when everybody needs a little break.


Starting a group is easier than you think.  Finding a good instructor and then a friend or two, to start, is all it takes.  Once the results are in, word gets around fast and groups tend to grow.  All that’s left is to enjoy the ride!