“I’ve worked closely with David at Westside LA Trainer for over 20 years. He’s trained me from my 20’s through my 40’s. He’s helped me understand and meet the changing needs of my body over time. Though it’s never easy, it’s always been worth it! I can’t recommend David enough.” – Lew Newmark,  Director of Digital Ad Sales, Time Inc.

“When I first began working with David, in my 50’s, I couldn’t bend my right knee enough to sit comfortably, nor could I lift my shoulders enough to take off my own shirt.  Through David’s commitment to flexibility and strengthening the muscles around the joints, I broke through those limits and now can move so much further, without pain.  I continue to be be very self-sufficient and active well into my 70’s.” – John Keeler, The Keeler Group

“I can’t say enough about the journey I’ve taken with David.  He’s not just a ‘clipboard and count’ trainer.  He joins you where you are that day and figures out what you need the most.  As a psychotherapist and trauma specialist, I’ve referred him many people over the years and he consistently has helped them with his mindful approach.  Can’t say enough about him.” – Nancy Sokolow, LCSW, Trauma Resource Institute

“I HATE exercise.  But I have worked with David for almost 25 years.  So what does that tell you?  He is knowledgeable and has always known how to adjust to my changing body, which is exceptional for a man working with a woman.  He always explains his beliefs thoroughly, so that I understand and he is as great with conditioning as much as he is with rehabilitation.  As a psychotherapist and cultural consultant, for over 30 years, I recognize people at the top of their field and he is that.  He has truly helped make my life happier and I also consider him a great friend.” – Dr. Monica Salinas-Zorilla, (PsyD), Cultural Consultant

“I’ve trained with David for almost 25 years.  He is knowledgeable, smart, creative, consistent and has kept me in amazing shape.  Through all my fitness goals and injuries, he’s always kept me in peak condition, while making it fun.  He is also a very good friend!” – Judge Lauren Weis Birnstein