Why Gatorade Sucks…

So the summer days are longer.  You’re drinking more wine and beer, in addition to your morning coffee and tea.  An occasional Diet Coke and Mountain Dew works its way into your afternoon.  You’re jogging, doing Bikram Yoga, playing tennis, basketball…you’re out in the sun longer.  You’re sweating more.  You need hydration.  What do you… Continue Reading

Straightening Out Chiropractic

The debate has raged for a long time.  The evidence is conflicting.  “I don’t believe in chiropractic.”  “Chiropractors aren’t real doctors.”  “There’s no evidence that it works.”  The efficacy of chiropractic strangely ignites people’s passions.  Maybe chiropractors have been too long associated with ambulance-chasing personal injury lawyers?  Maybe chiropractors have oversold the benefits of what… Continue Reading

The Greatest Man I Ever Met…

You’ll never know what made Walter Payton truly great, by watching his highlight films.  Yes, he ran like a man possessed, through defenders, around defenders, over defenders, dragging defenders.  Yes, he had some of the most dramatic runs in NFL history.  Yes, at one point he was the all-time rushing yards leader in the NFL,… Continue Reading

6 Ways To Be A Terrible Host – For The Common Cold

Winter means holidays, which means lots of socializing at parties, overeating, spending money you don’t have, shorter days, colder temperatures,  and of course — long stubborn colds.  Is there a connection?  Of course, there is.  Your immune system, which is your bodies’ natural defense system against pathogen, is weakened by stress and fatigue.  December tends… Continue Reading